DeskSaver Pro v3.01 Fr

The indispensable tool to secure your Windows desktop and to win room on the Windows taskbar. Hides your applications.




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Description of DeskSaver Pro v3.01 Fr:

DeskSaver Pro permits to protect and to restore the icons position easily on the Windows desktop (Windows 95, 98, Millenium, NT, 2000 and XP).DeskSaver Pro permits to recover instantaneously your favorite arrangement after a modification of the desktop icons position or a system error.DeskSaver Pro permits to protect the position of the desktop icons by user and by resolution. When needed, each user can re-establish its favorite arrangement whatever the current resolution.Indispensable when you have to change regularly your screen resolution or when multiple users can access your computer!DeskSaver Pro can be activated when you decide to use it or directly loaded every time you start your computer. Besides, it makes himself discreet in the Windows systray (next to the clock).DeskSaver Pro permits you to win room on the windows taskbar with the used of the "TaskBar Economizer".Only once click is needed to hide or restore an application!When the economizer is activated, a right click on the reduction icon of an application is sufficient to reduce it in the windows systray (next to the clock) and not in the windows taskbar.Very useful for HIDING YOUR OPEN APPLICATIONS!

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