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BKS synchronizes computers, disks and folders. Defintion can be saved for later use or to be scheduled. It uses copy, gzip or zip. Bks generates compa




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Description of Backup2001 Synchronizer:

Backup2001 Synchronizer (BKS) lets you synchronize the content of computers, disks or folders.
Synchronization can be done using one or two ways. The software will do one-way or two-way synchronization.
One-way synchronization will synchronize files from the source to the target.
Two-way synchronization will sync from source to target and then from target to source.
Synchronization can be done using 3 modes :
No compression : files are copied
Gzip compression : using the Unix compression model, each file is compressed in a single file with the same name and .gz extension added.
Zip compression : files are compressed using the popular zip file format during the synchronization

Synchronization can be stored in a definition file (.syn) and reused later from BKS or using Microsoft Windows Scheduler through the command line support.

BKS can be integrated into the Windows Explorer through the Shell context menu.

Why Backup2001 Synchronizer ?
BKS was written to round out our Backup 2001 product line
BKS does not change file attributes, so it can be used with other manufacturers' backup software
Operating system file size ( 2/4 Gb ) limitation can be broken down.
BKS is a good solution for spanning CD-ROMS.

How does it work ?
BKS rebuilds the source tree folder on the target. Each file is copied or 'gzipped'.
If zip mode compression has been selected, each folder or subfolder is compressed in a single file called ( 1 file per folder or subfolder).
The copy or compression is done according to the date file.
If the file does not exist on the target, it is created. If the existing file is older, it is overwritten
If two-way synchronization has been selected, the new or most recent files are copied or uncompressed to the source

BKS is able to produce a report. ( full or differential mode ). Reports can be done before and/or after a job.

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