A power tool, but so easy to use. Breaks down the 2GB file size limitation, supports CD and DVD burners even with XP and more...




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#1Backup is a power tool, but so easy to use.
Unlike other backup packages, #1Backup operates on file date and time, and not on the file archive attribute.
#1Backup breaks down the 2 Gb file size limitation even with FAT disk partitions.
#1Backup comes with predefined backup jobs like Emails, My documents, My videos....so essential data can be backed up in a snap.
Backup options have been limited to make it both easy to use and understand.
#1Backup uses a smart compression scheme for a better compression rate.#1Backup can encrypt your backup file using AES.
#1Backup comes with a search tool, enabling easy access to one or more files in a backup file.#1Backup offers a unique feature to store your backups. You can use a unique file to store two or more backup jobs.
#1Backup allows you to restore the entire backup file or individual files. 1Backup lets you synchronize the backup file content with the data source.
Each backup file is displayed in an explorer tree view from where you can access and restore any file or folder.
#1Backup gives you direct access to the Windows scheduler to schedule any job from the application.
#1Backup supports CD and DVD burners, you can use your installed driver (including the XP original) or the one included with #1Backup.#1Backup is able to span over any removable media including CD or DVD burner.
Unlike other backup packages, #1Backup generates only one file per Backup job. Restoring the latest version is much easier.With #1Backup you can create SFX archive file, that can be restored without #1Backup software
#1Backup is skinnable, including an XP-like interface.#1Backup supports Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP.

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