Acronis OS Selector Deluxe (ENG)

Acronis OS Selector 5.0 combines a power of boot and partition managers and has many unique features no other software can match.


5.0, English


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Platform independent

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Description of Acronis OS Selector Deluxe (ENG):

Acronis OS Selector 5.0 is a powerful, reliable and easy to use multibooting utility that allows you install all operating systems (OS) you need on single PC, boot OS from any partition, from any hard drive, have several operating systems on single partition, and protect your PC from boot-viruses.

Acronis OS Selector 5.0 includes fast and reliable partitioning tool ? Disk Administrator, designed for copying, moving, and splitting partitions without data loss, optimizing your hard drive data, and performing other tasks. You should not be a guru to reorganize your disk ? with our software even novice user can easily play with his partitions.

Acronis OS Selector 5.0 exclusive: Support of Linux ReiserFS file system
Keeping its pace with time, Acronis OS Selector 5.0 supports a new Linux file system ? ReiserFS, which is supported by the latest popular Linux distributives. For this file system Acronis OS Selector 5.0 Disk Administrator can perform all partition management operations, and no data is lost. Work with and support of Linux ReiserFS is a unique Acronis OS Selector 5.0 feature that is not implemented in any other similar product in the world.

New in Acronis OS Selector 5.0Windows XP support; Modern Windows XP-styled GUI; Support of FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Linux Ext2 and Linux ReiserFS file systems; All operations with partitions are done with no data lossesPending operationsWhy you need Acronis OS Selector 5.0To install all required operating systems You may install MS-DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux, BeOS, OS/2, etc. on single computer and choose desired system on boot.; To try new version of Windows With Acronis OS Selector 5.0 you could install new version of Windows without overwriting or deleting previous one. Acronis OS Selector 5.0 has the unique ability to install and boot different versions of Windows on one partition. Windows Installation Wizard will allow you to install Windows to extended partition, or to the second hard drive, despite of Microsoft statement that it is impossible.; To try Linux or other new OSYou have heard much about Linux, but never tried it before? Acronis OS Selector 5.0 will help you to install and boot Linux without any tradeoffs. If you don't have enough free space on your hard disks to install Linux, Acronis OS Selector 5.0 will help you to resize your partitions in order to get it. Acronis OS Selector 5.0 comes with configuration for ASPLinux network install. ; To change your disks partition layout easilyWith Disk Administrator, that is a part of Acronis OS Selector 5.0, you may change the size of your FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Linux Ext2 and Linux ReiserFS partitions, convert FAT16 to FAT32, etc. No data is lost during partition management operations!Acronis OS Selector 5.0 is your best choice if your are looking for the smart boot manager and easy to use partitioning utility!

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