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Vexira for Mail Servers is a high-speed Linux anti-virus program for mail servers.




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Description of Vexira for Mail Servers:

Vexira Antivirus for Mail servers Linux edition (SendMail, Sendmail+Milter, Qmail, Postfix, Exim, SuSE) is a high speed e-mail virus protection application that actively defends e-mail boxes from receiving virus infected files and user's from sending virus infected files through the messaging server. Vexira Antivirus for Mail servers is licensed PER DOMAIN* and offers significant savings over per mail box licensing.

"Vexira Antivirus from Central Command is successfully defending over 100,000 of our e-mail users from viruses. We needed a robust, fast e-mail virus scanner for our network. Being one of the top level Service Providers in Turkey, our customers demand the best solutions from us. After extensive testing we choose Vexira Antivirus because it proved to be the best price/performance solution after comparing it with other products." said Mr. A. Gokhan SUNGUR, General Manager and Member of the Board from ISNET A.S.,Turkey. (

Key Features of Vexira for Mail Servers:

Vexira Antivirus for Mailservers (SendMail, Sendmail+Milter, Qmail, Postfix, Exim, SuSE) is a store-and-forward virus protection application that can intercept TCP/IP port 25 (SMTP) connections or can be started using the Internet superdaemon (inetd). It spools all inbound and outbound e-mail messages and virus scans them using the Vexira Antivirus virus scanner. Messages that are found to be virus free are immediately forwarded to the recipients and infected messages are quarantined and the sender, recipient, and mail administrator are notified.Virus detection and quarantine; Virus scans all in-bound and out-bound email; Real-Time virus interception; Can process high volumes of email; Scalable to the maximum capacity of the server's processing ability; Configurable warning notifications to sender, recipient or postmaster; Heuristic virus detection; Full automatic update of scan engine and virus definition file; Support virus scanning within archives (ZIP, RAR, LHA, ARJ etc...; Detection of malformed messages; Can be used with other E-Mail messaging servers easilyLicensing:

Vexira Antivirus for Mail servers (SendMail, Sendmail+Milter, Qmail, Postfix, Exim) is licensed per domain, per computer. A maximum of 6000 mail boxes total per server is included in the basic license and an unlimited license is available. You can switch to other messaging servers at no cost.

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