RegRun II

RegRun II is a powerful and totally unique Windows startup manager and a universal anti Trojan detector




$19.95 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of RegRun II:

RegRun II is easy to use, and is helpful to those who are exposed tosources of viruses and trojans (e.g. Internet surfers, E-mailrecipients, those who buy "safe" software on CD's, or those who receive dataon floppy disks), and for the experienced users who need to adjust theirstartup configurations.RegRun II is a powerful PC security utility designed to work on all Windowsplatforms. This extraordinary software consists of seven sub-systems which work together to provide exceptional control over programs that load from the registry or Windows system files. By closely tracking and managing all startup processes, the user can effectively detect hidden trojan horses, viruses, or other unauthorized programs.Advanced Windows users will appreciate the convenient access to startupconfigurations and registry keys. In addition to its obvious securityfeatures, this program is excellent for debugging software, and for identifying memory-depleting files that some applications carelessly initiate at windows startup.

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