RAV AntiVirus MailFilter for Windows

Protect e-mail traffic between e-mail servers and e-mail clients




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Description of RAV AntiVirus MailFilter for Windows:

The configuration allows to scan e-mail flow between:; clients and e-mail servers; e-mail servers

; Easy virus removal: e-mails sent by clients through SMTP protocol and those received through POP3 and IMAP protocol are scanned and guaranteed to be virus free prior to sending them to the email server.; Configurable actions: the actions to be taken and the order in which the operations should be performed may be configured according to your needs.; Comprehensive Engine Configuration: you may choose to employ each or all of the following scanning methods: scan inside archives; unpack executables; heuristic scanning; RAV Engine detects all Windows, Linux and DOS viruses.; Intelligent Update: it enables automatic update of signatures with or without user intervention, directly from GeCAD's servers. The administrator can schedule an update task as often as desired. Daily updates are strongly recommended!; Instant Warning e-mails (optional): when a virus is detected, detailed warning messages are optionally sent to the sender, the recipients and other addresses specified in the configuration.; Efficient Quarantine: the files stored on disk in the quarantine folder are encrypted in order to be rendered harmless. The network administrator can investigate the quarantine at any time or send it to be analyzed by RAV Team. ; Detailed Activity Log available through RAV MailFilter Status or a log file
Fully compatible with the following e-mail servers:; Microsoft Exchange 2000; Microsoft Exchange 5.5; Netscape Messaging Server 4.15; CommunigatePro; 602 Pro LAN Suite 2002; MailDaemon 5.0.4; Qmail; Sendmail; Postfix

Fully compatible with the following e-mail clients:; Microsoft Outlook XP; Microsoft Outlook 2000; Microsoft Outlook 97; Outlook Express 6; Outlook Express 5; Outlook Express 4; Netscape 6.2; Netscape Communicator (Messenger) 4.7x; Eudora 5.1; Opera 6.01; IncrediMail Xe; Mutt; Pine

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