RAV AntiVirus for MS Exchange Server 2000

Antivirus product that protects the clients of any Microsoft Exchange Server 2000. It is based on Microsoft's Antivirus API 2.0.




$399 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of RAV AntiVirus for MS Exchange Server 2000:


1.Blocks Infected Messages
Filters and blocks messages if attachment or message body include a virus, Trojan, backdoor or other potentially dangerous active code. Blocks infected files regardless of the archive or compression type. The email will be blocked until a newer version of the scanning engine cures the virus(es).
2.Real Time AntiVirus Scanning
Real time scanning of attachments and message body, without slowing down e-mail traffic. RAV ensures 100% detection rate for all viruses in circulation through its powerful scanning engine SAURON (v. 8.7). It does not save the file(s) on disk , scans them, and then put them back.All the scanning job is made in Information Store.
3.Improved Scanning
E-mail messages with multiple recipients are filtered only once, in Information Store, before delivery to recipient(s).
4.Extended Protection
Antivirus protection for recently created mailboxes. Because the message is scanned in Information Store it does not matter where the message will be delivered by the MTA.
5.Proactive Scanning
This is a new type of scanning introduced with VSAPI 2.0. When a message is submitted to the information store, either via a client or a transport agent, it is placed in the global scanning queue with a low priority. If and when there are threads available in the thread pool and no high priority item remains to be scanned, each item with the low priority is submitted for scanning. Information store maintains a list of low priority items containing no more than 30 entries. The low priority item list operates on a first in first out (FIFO) principle, hence maintaining the most current list of messages. If an item is in the low priority list and a client attempts to access the message, the item will be reprioritized and marked with high priority. It will also be removed from the low priority list. If this setting is disabled, and messages were not submitted for scanning for any reason, they will be scanned when they are accessed.
6.Quarantine for infected or suspicious files
Infected or suspicious files are isolated in a quarantine directory, preventing network infection. Administrator can investigate the quarantine zone at any time or send it to be analyzed by RAV Team. The files are stored on disk encrypted.
7.Intelligent Update
Enables automatic update of signatures and filtering rules database, without user intervention, directly from GeCAD's servers.
8.Remote Management
On the computer that have RAV Antivirus Installed will be created a shared folder(accessible only to the administrator) that will be visible from any computer in the domain.The configuration console can be installed on any computer in the network.
9.Instant Warning Emails and/or Popups
If a virus is detected, detailed warning messages are sent instantaneously to the person that sent the email and to the recipients of the email.Also the administrator can receive notification by email or by net popup. This features depends on Active Directory. Exchange 2000 is fully integrated with Active Directory.
10.Detailed Reports and Statistics
Enables filtering of all message traffic,generating automatic or on-demand reports regarding: number of messages scanned, disinfected, deleted, infected or filtered against active content. Any incident is reported to the administrator in real time through NetSend and/or e-mail.
11.Content Filtering
Emails are filtered by RAV Engine.Available rules are : by Subject, Attachment, Body.

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