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Description of LogIDS 1.0 Pro 10 Machines License:

LogIDS 1.0 is a brand new way to look at intrusion detection. LogIDS is a log-analysis based intrusion detection system that is based, as its name implies, real-time analysis of centralized logs. These logs can come from as many sources as your antivirus, your personal firewall, Snort (NIDS), ComLog, Windows Event Viewer, the supplemental data supplied by LogAgent 4.0 Pro and its companion tools ADSScan and IntegCheck (HIDS) and much much more. In fact, LogIDS give you complete control at defining the logs LogIDS will work with, which is better than trying to handle every type of log by default. You can also specify rules for LogIDS to act upon based on the fields you have defined for your logs. But the best part is the innovative GUI, which is a logical network map of your environment, where each node (host or subnet) have its own little window to display the logs belonging to it. You can also specify sound alerts and warnings, and there's a bunch of predefined icons that you can use to represent events depicted in your logs for easier and quicker understanding of the issue at hand.
LogIDS 1.0 Pro also have some features not present in the Open Source version, such as automatic handling of Snort logs, Event Viewer logs, LogAgent 4.0 Pro logs and ComLog logs. The handling of ComLog logs is quite unique and useful also: each command prompt session is displayed in a separate window, showing you the session in clear in real-time!
As you can see, LogIDS relies on other tools to gain its effeciency, and in this regard it respects the philosophy that security is bestly achieved by applying several layers of security controls on every node on the network. LogIDS 1.0 Pro gives you the ability to have a single interface to interpret your logs from HIDS, NIDS, antivirus, firewall and command prompt logs and more in order to have the most complete intrusion detection strategy available in the market, at an unbeatable price.
Ships also with a Single License for LogAgent 4.0 Pro for unlocking the ability to run as a service. This is equivalent as purchasing a 10 Machines License for LogAgent 4.0 Pro (a 149.95$ value), but using LogIDS 1.0 Pro instead of LogAgent for monitoring your centralised logs. When purchasing LogIDS 1.0 Pro licenses, you do not need additionnal LogAgent 4.0 Pro licenses.

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