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Description of LogAgent 4.0 Pro 10 Machines License:

This is the fourth version of the popular log monitoring tool LogAgent. You can configure this tool to monitor as many ascii log files you want on your machine (with the notable exception of MS-IIS) and your Event Viewer logs and centralize them to as many local or remote directories that you want. It can also run as a Windows service (registered only), and now includes the ability to log the date and time, along with the IP address, the hostname and the username in case these credentials are not supplied in the logs you are monitoring.
LogAgent 4.0 Pro also generates logs of its own each time it starts, ie the services currently running on the system, open shares, and the startup configuration, which are usually associated with forensics analysis, but can actually be included in your intrusion detection strategies (see LogIDS 1.0 for more details). LogAgent 4.0 (Pro and Open Source versions) also comes with two companion tools, totally free and Open Source, that can also enhance your intrusion detection capabilities : ADSScan, an alternate data stream scanner, and the combo HashGen-IntegCheck, a MD5-SHA1 file system integrity checker, or if you prefer host-based intrusion detection system.
A must have for Windows network administrators concerned about security.
Ships also with a Single License to unlock the ability to run as a service for your hosts.

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