Secure your computer from viruses and trojans sent through ICQ.




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Description of ICQure:

ICQure is a new, inexpensive tool, developed to protect your computer from ICQ viruses. ICQure is a virus protection software. When ICQure is active it will check all the files sent or downloaded to your computer via ICQ. In the event that ICQure detects that a file is suspected to be a virus, the software automatically deletes the file and notifies you. ICQure has a unique automatic update mechanism. When a new virus is detected in the Net, ICQure automatically updates its virus definitions list in your computer. So once you install ICQure , you don't have to do anything else to be constantly protected. ICQure uses a combination of several techniques to protect your computer. ICQure Internet professional searchers are responsible to constantly update the viruses list so ICQure can keep them out of your computer. In addition, ICQure is using the Advanced Malicious Application Detection system (called "APayya"), which scans every incoming file looking for suspicious characteristics using a very sophisticated and flexible rules system. ICQure enables you to set the preferred security level and uses these settings when a suspicious file is detected in order to decide whether to notify you. This way you can be sure you are protected both from known viruses and from unknown malicious applications. ICQure was designed to use as little computer resources as possible. The software is very small and uses your computers resources only when one of the applications listed above is running

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