eScan Virus Control

eScan is the world's first real-time content-security andAntiVirus Software package. Most of the other packagesdo offer real-time Virus Scanning




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Windows All Versions

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Description of eScan Virus Control:

eScan Virus Control is the desktop Anti-Virus software forWindows based PCs that scans all the incoming data forviruses, using the revolutionary MicroWorld WinSock Layer (MWL) technology.It comprises of the following eScan components: Anti-Virus On-Demand Scanner (ODS) Anti-Virus Monitor for Workstations Workstations supported are Windows 95/98/ME,NT-Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP. Servers supported are Windows NT/2000. eScan Virus Control includes **only** Anti-Virus featuresand is meant for Personal use and SMEs (small business).eScan Virus Control is available as an Electronic Software Distribution (ESD). It can pull automatic updates from the Internet. Theconnection to the Internet can be direct or via a Proxy Server.

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