Block and Tackle

Server-side spam blocker and attachment blocker for Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server




$150 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of Block and Tackle:

Block & Tackle provides a first line of defense against viruses and UCE (unsolicited commercial email, also known as Spam) by deleting unwanted types of email attachments and by deleting entire emails that contain unwanted phrases in their subject lines.

B&T can be configured to block attachments in one of two ways: either choose the file types you DO want to allow, or choose the file types you DON'T want. You can switch between the two modes at will - the lists are kept in separate, easily editable text files.

B&T can also block messages based on their subject line. This allows you to filter out spam by phrases such as "New Investment Opportunity!" and "Feel younger now!". In addition, when a new email based virus outbreak occurs you can stop it from spreading into your network by blocking the subject line(s) of the carrier message.

The introductory price for Block & Tackle is $150 per server. Unlike other products, licensing fees do not increase regardless of the number of mailboxes, domain names or SMTP email addresses that the server manages mail for.

Block & Tackle is not required on "back end" servers that do not receive Internet email. Discounts are also available for purchases of 2 or more server licenses. Please visit our web site at for more information or contact our sales department at 214.324.1230 or by email at

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