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You need this program if you want not to suffer of trojans and Internet-worms, not to suffer of stupid jokes of your friends and colleagues, more reso




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Description of Axer 8 for MS-Windows:

    Beyond all questions, it is very difficult to see what programs are really working in present moment in operation system Windows. Axer 8 solves this problem. All running applications reflect in convenient list. This property helps to discover trojan horses as they usually can¡¯t be seen in the window which appears on Ctrl-Alt-Del pushing.
    For every program, Axer 8 gives list of all windows, which belong to it. Same applications hide their windows from user. Axer 8 can both show them and make visible windows hidden.
As additional function, Axer 8 can show threads belonging for every application. Thread is internal task of the application. Some programs solve several tasks at the same time distributing them on threads. Such information can be useful for monitoring of activity of the programs and for writing system utilities.
    If laborious computing task run, for example, image rendering in 3D Studio Max or sound conversion, other applications will work slowly. Axer 8 solves this problem too. By means of Axer 8, you can set low priority for one program and high priority for another one. Such distribution of priorities allows economizing both your time and computer¡¯s one.
    If it is boring for you to set priority for application every time manually, you can place this application in Hot List. After this Axer 8 will necessary priority by itself. Besides this, you can set the interdiction of running some program in Hot List. For example, if you forbid running of the virus spreading by Internet (Internet-worm), do not worry about infection ¨C Axer 8 does not allow running it.
    In addition to general functions, Axer 8 makes screenshots. The process of making screenshots is maximum simplified: when you push hotkey, the dialog with suggestion to save screenshot appears.
    Axer 8 can hide active window or close active application when you push hotkey. Closing of application differs from analogous function in Windows. For example, if many windows of Microsoft Internet Explorer opened, all of them will close.
    The main fixing of Axer 8 is to economize user¡¯s time and give information about happening events in computer.

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