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Description of vvvSoft MP3Finder:

If your PC is in the LAN containing 10 computers - MP3Finder can be useful to you, if your LAN contains about 50 PCs - you may need MP3Finder, if more - MP3Finder is absolutely necessary to you. The first thing that you possibly will want to find is MP3-files in your LAN, second one - video-files, third one - some installations (to avoid downloading ones that already have been downloaded).
MP3finder is a handy tool to scan your LAN for files.
Main Features:; Fast - MP3Finder uses multithreaded search engine ; Configurations - for most frequent searches ; Flexible search - limiting PCs, Shares, Files by supplying include/exclude masks ; Save/Load to/from XML ; Export to XML/HTML/Text ; Flexible display of search results ; Playback of MP3-files (Winamp, Sonique, RealPlayer, MediaPlayer) ; Find text in search results ; Hidden shares - on NT/2000/XP MP3Finder can search hidden shares ; Search statistics

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