Delphi component used to connect to Axis Network Camera.




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Description of TsyxAxisCamera:

This component has been created to solve version problems of the Axis ActiveX in Delphi. When you connect the camera with Internet Explorer, the ActiveX stored in the flash memory overwritte always the installed ActiveX. Each time after an overwritte, our application crash with a beautifull Access Violation. This is one of the reason we make this component 100% delphi native. Witch the component you can: Get live video, Get all parameters, Set image view parameters (Brightness, color, ....), Save instant snapshot, Record live video in mpeg format, Motion Detection. The parameters are in a collection, so it's easy to change values. TsyxAxisCamera for: Delphi5/Delphi6, Source: None, Size: 550 Kb. Please visit http://www.syx.be/english/Pages/compo/ComponentAxisCamera.htm for more informations.

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