Mscan SSTV for Windows

Mscan SSTV supports all popular Slow Scan TeleVision modes used by radio amateurs to receive and transmit video images over radio




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Description of Mscan SSTV for Windows:

Mscan SSTV has been designed for Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 and XP and supports all popular SSTV modes used by radio amateurs. It takes advantage of all Windows' features like running in the background, multitasking (even receiving and transmitting at the same time!) and resizable receive and transmit windows. One of the many unique features is that the transmitted image can be edited, ie adding text or graphics, *while* it is being transmitted! Images can be loaded directly into the transmit window from disk or any TWAIN compatible source like scanners and video digitizers. An SSTV repeater is built-in, including quad replay and beacon options. Mscan SSTV uses the sound card already available in your PC. The program comes with an extensive online help.

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