@ctiVideo ActiveX Control

An ActiveX control for still/motion video capture




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Description of @ctiVideo ActiveX Control:

If you ever tried writing Win32 application, which accesses a video frame-grabber board or a parallel-port camera, you probably have an idea how complicate the Video-for-Windows API calls can be... This control was developed we had to fight the API for quite a while... As a result, now you can add real-time video capabilities to your application in less than half an hour with virtually no coding.@ctiVideo will seemlessly incorporate in any ActiveX hosting environment, such as 32-bit Visual Basic, Visual Studio, Delphi 3.0, even MS Office applications... It will provide easy to use interface for showing the video on-screen, user interaction, video format control, single frame video capture and full-motion video recording. And all this through easy to use set of properties and methods, completely isolated from the API level.@ctiVideo supports any Video-for-Windows (VfW) compatible video device. If you can can see the video-capture device listed in the Multimedia section of the system control panel, @ctiVideo will initialize it and will use it for video manipulation.

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