real-time vapor synthesizer with ASIO, DirectX, MIDI & Force-Feedback support and granner-X VST PlugIn




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Description of crusherX-Live!:

crusher-X is a shareware program whose powerful vapor synthesis algorithm enables you to synthesize very complex and cool waves. crusher-X does distill and transform sounds quite radically. Based on traditional granular synthesis, crusher-X can be used as a synthesizer or as a versatile effects unit. You can create sounds with the internal oscillators or external files as well as input real-time stereo sound files. Internal feedback loops allow self-oscillation within crusher-X! Multichannel Outputs allows extreme impressive sound installations and multichannel compositions.Beside the interface you can optional control the crusher by using MIDI (unlimited amount of Key-Groups and Controllers with Map-functions) or/and a joystick. If you have a force feedback device you can feel the parameters changing. ASIO Interface allows using of professional low latency multichannel soundcards and hardware.

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