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Webimage miner is designed to grab all images from a Web site.It can help you easily find,download,view and save the images from a special website, and webimage miner can also search images from the gallery of yahoo and google.By using power filer:url filer,page filer,you can find only the images which you actually need from web-pages.?/TEXTAREA> User interface language:?
Until now, you have only had the option to indicate the language for the program's user interface. The entry field to select the language was on the "Program Data" page. Now you can enter the product description of your program in a language of your choice. If you have chosen to describe your product in "German", for example, at the top of this page, but the user interface for your product is in English, then enter "English" in this field.We have copied the data you have entered to date for all languages you have selected. Please check this information and translate it if necessary.
support searching and downloading image files from a special web site.support searching and downloading image files from multi Search Engines:yahoo,google.?support standard Internet image file formats: *.gif , *.jpg ,*.jpeg, *.xbm,*.png, *.bmp , *.gif?animated ).

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