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Description of TGraphLink Delphi component:

The TGraphLink component is designed to represent and display graph edge for both directed and undirected graphs in a Borland Delphi or C++Builderprogram. It is a line connecting two points (nodes) and optional one or twoarrows on this line. You can change such attributes as line width, arrow'sstyle, color and size, arrow location on the edge. You can designate othercontrols for the ends of the line in which case the ending points will becalculated automatically according to the shapes of those controls. Theline may be constructed as multi-segment. Printing (to an arbitrary canvas)and exporting to metafiles are supported.At run-time you can determine if the point is on the graph edge.OnMouseDown event for this component occurs when you press a mouse buttonwith the mouse pointer on line or arrow representing the graph edge. Also,run-time hints are supported.Delphi/C++Builder versions supported: Delphi 1/2/3/4 and C++Builder 1/3.

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