Pack multiple images from a directory structure into a single .PHP file.




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Description of JPETo_pack_images:

JPETo_pack_images is a nice tool for creating image-archives
You're able to pack all images from a certain directory into a single .PHP file.
When accessing the single images in the archive, special caching-parameters will be added.


Use JPETo_pack_images in the following cases:
You've got a (static) website on a server with PHP support. You want to speed up your website, but have no programming skills / ideas how to do it.

The solution:
Use JPETo_pack_images to pack all frequently used pictures (like navigation-buttons, etc.) into an archive (e.g. cache.php). ; change all html image URLs from (e.g.) /img/myimage.jpg to /cache.php?pic=myimage.jpgFrom now on every visitor of your webpage retrieves these images just once, they will be stored in his (clientside) browsercache. The visitors save lots of time and you save lots of bandwidth.You authored a pretty web-module. When giving it away you won't give the customer a chance to manipulate the images included with the module.

The solution:
pack all the buttons into an archive - all the images are now in a single file - the customer is unable to manipulate them. You don't have to include an images-directory with your module.JPETo_pack_images is zend-encoded and requires the free Zend-Optimizer (
special features in the registered version:
Packing of Shockwave (*.swf) files; Packing of images in subfolders; Configurable caching-duration (31 days in lite-version); Configurable name of the access-parameter (default: ?pic=); Configurable archivename (default: index.php); Set a password for the unpack and list - functionality

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