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Online Download access to Flash ( 5 & MX ) , Photoshop and HTML templates that are license and royalty-free




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Description of HP-G Membership unlimited:

That`s the HP-G Online Membership :

· unlimited lifetime access to thousands of
  webgraphics, interfaces, flash-animations, templates,
  sounds, tutorials and much more..

· Licence-free use of our content for private and commercial websites
  and multimedia-projects.
  You might also use our content as templates for commercial
  design work

· HP-G members are allowed to edit/customize/combine our stuff
  however they want

· High end content from the best designers living on this planet
  ( for example : Mr. J. Scott Hamlin, Mr. Scott Balay, Mr. Rico Besserdich )

· Online members have access to our monthly member area updates

· Free support for HP-G members ( e-mail and direct messenger )

· We provide always and everytime the newest stuff made with the
   newest tools. If something is possible : we do it
   ( and you as a member take the advantage )

· If you use one of our templates and build it up to something new :
   it`s yours ! You don`t have to link to us, build in banners, cleaning
   our office or whatever...( we will be happy if you do, but you don`t
   have to ) .


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