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Extract,view,search resources from windows files,manage resource files,resources format conversion,get image of file to clipboard and so on.




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Description of EZ Extract Resource:

  If you are a developer or you must do some art design work, EZ Extract Resource is just the tool for you.
  Do you have a experience of spending hours designing the right Icon, Bitmap, or Midi, Wave etc for your program, and nothing be done at last.
  Stop wasting time designing images and sounds by yourself, since you can reuse or redesign existing ones. 
  EZ Extract Resource can do something for you such as search,extract hidden resources for you, and process these resources so you can use them more conveniently.
  It indeed will save you many hours since you can reuse or redesign existing ones.
Extract, view, search resources from windows files. Such as extract resource of  Icon, Cursor,  Bitmap,  Jpeg,  Gif,  Wave,  AVI,  Midi,  AniCursor, User defined type. And all other types also can be extracted for you. ; You just need to specify a directory or file, EZ Extract Resource will do all other things for you: search, extract, classify, save... ; View image, video, listen to sound or just view hex of the extracted resources. ; Convert format of the resources in batch es., such as convert Bmp to Jpg. ; Copy image to clipboard directly from the extracted resource files. ; Convenient management of resource files just as in the Explore. ; Multi-Language support, and you can easily get a version with other language in minutes.

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