Vortex and Lightning Screen Saver.

Vortex and Lightning 3D screen saver is a state of the art 3d fractal screen saver. Prepare you for the most incredible psychedelic trip! This screen




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Description of Vortex and Lightning Screen Saver.:

Vortex & Lightning is an amazing 3d screensaver. It features billionsof possibilities. It runs randomly, all the parameters are randomizedto offer an unlimited fun to your desktop. This Screensaver uses thelatest 3d enhancement like blend, fog, lightning, reflexions, mirrorsfull frame antialiasing but will adapt itself to your config.Vortex & Lightning can be used to add fun to your parties, with thehelp of a projector or a big screen, it will work with any music andcreate nice effects, much better than a regular lightning and at alower price.Also, you can smoke some "herbs" and have nice trips looking ourscreensaver, its efficiency has been proved by numerous satisfiedclients.? (Note that the "unregistered" nag screen is a source of badtrips, so be sure to purchase you original before doing a smokingparty with your friends:))I wanted to make a screensaver with unlimited possibilities and thewow factor that makes it absolutely indispensable to your desktop.Most people are still using star field screen savers or other Opengl?abstract screensaver rather that thematic ones. It is just becausea screensaver must be a source of distraction that is changing allthe time.With Vortex and Lightning, you get the best abstract screen saverof all time and for an amazing low price. Enjoy!

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