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Description of SWFKit:

Create powerful and dazzling windows applications from any Macromedia Flash movies (SWF).A new application developing tool just cooked up!A new developing language say hello to the world!SWFkit is an integrated feature-packed tool, it can not only customize standalone projectors and Screen savers from any Macromedia Flash movies (SWF), but also create Installer for them, fully compatible with Flash 3, 4, 5, MX.SWFKit uses a new interpreted language which is called "FFish Script".FFish Script is very simple to learn or to use, just like ActionScript or JavaScript. Anyone can create powerful and dazzling windows applications out of SWF files of flash now! That means, you don't have to be an expert in advanced program languages such as VC++, VB or Delphi to develop applications easily. For the experienced Windows program developers, SWFkit can save your time and make your work more efficient! Cause it takes only a few button clicks and several code lines to accomplish complicated function.

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