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Reading text mixedly with voices,transform text to MP3 file.




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Description of SmartRead Editor:

Reading text mixedly with voices,transform text to MP3 file, and save as XSR file(file marked as reading mixedly). Chinese and English voices have been put into installation file. The new version join the function which text to MP3,read clipboard text directly.Also can download the simplified edition,about 1 MB. 1. Edit text directly,transform TXT,RTF to XSR file. 2. Read text from any location.3. Set up the time of stop punctuation,make reading have kind rhythm,can choose if to read punctuation. 4. Set up the speed of chinese or english text separately,suitable for different requests to the chinese and english. 5. Read numbers according to digital location or individual figure. 6. Emproves "volume" function, keep the same volume with main volume,can realize mute.7. Selfcheck function help you to measure the software and hardware condition of computer. 8. Read text to Wave or MP3 file. 9. Investigate functions can give your suggestion feedback of the software to us,help us improve software constantly. 10. The software interface language let you choose Chinese or English.

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