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Most people have loads of cd's in jewel cases with at the most a 'marker written slogan' on it to idenfiy what's on it, like: "Seventies Music", "Pictures of Spain 2002", "Catalog images summer collection", etc, etcIt takes them too much time to create inventory lists in for instance Word or Excel so they let it be.With Scan4Cover you can make a cd cover with just one or two mouse clicks!It's so easy to use and it'll save you hours (and your fingers...), never makes mistakes with titles, etc, etc- Design your cover, add titles, images, etc- Filter any extension you want, *.mp3, *.gif, *.jpg, *.mpg, *.wma, etc- Scan or Drag and Drop your files- Include (or exclude) the extension on the cover- Search and remove optionSaves hours and hours at the office or at home,organize your collection now by using Scan4Cover!

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