PMPro Flash to iPod Converter

This Software contains Flash to iPod converter,Flash to Mp4 Converter, with preset solution, you can convert flash file to your iPod,




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Windows All Versions

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Description of PMPro Flash to iPod Converter:

PMPro Flash to iPod Converter is a extremely easy-to-use tool to convert flash file(.swf) to iPod,PSP,3gp,Mp4 video format. Support time range, you can set begin point and end point, and convert part of flash file to video file. Support fast batch conversion. PMPro Flash to iPod Converter is with User-Friendly and Cool interface. Supported file format SWF SWF(Compressed) Features Cuts small part from a large Flash file. Convert Flash to ipod G5 video. Convert Flash to iPod Video2 video. Easy-to-use and fast batch conversion. System requirements Processor speed: 200 MHz Memory (Cache): 128 MB RAM Harddisk: 50 MB Hard Drive space Operating system: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 Soundcard: Sound Blaster-compatible sound card Graphics: 256 colors @ 800 x 600.

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