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Description of Peak Limiter 1.53 - License for private use:

Peak Limiter runs under Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and works with 16-bit PCMsound files. It is equipped with an algorithm that provides high-qualitysound reinforcement. Peak Limiter softly compresses single peaks exceeding a user-defined levelin such a way that the result cannot be distinguished from the original bythe human ear. This permits rising the main volume of the sound fileconsiderably without causing clipping or distortion! Peak Limiter enhances single sound samples, fully arranged music recordingsand digitized speech. The result sounds more direct, voluminous, and even.It is more likely not to harm your equipment during high-volume playback andit is less inclined to suffer from noise added later on. These are optimumconditions for both playback and further processing.

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