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MP3 Searchprofi Pro SEFinding music on the Internet+ CD grabbing+ CD burning + Cover print + Video Player and more




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Find! Finds music files on the Internet Download! Easy download with the Download Manager CD burning! Easy creating of a music CD Print! Create a CD cover with the print studio/ cover print CD grabbing! Quick and easily grab music from Audio CD Convert! Converts WMA->MP3, MP3->WAV, WAV->MP3, music CD->MP3 Musik-CD->MP3 (*need DirectShow Codecs and Windows Media Player V7) Video! Nonstop video play with video playlist'sSafe system! You do not have to share your music with other Internet users Search and find----------------Searchs at many search engines! -Checking the availability of the found MP3 file -High hit quote -High search speed -File downloading with the Download Manager -Grabbing music CD: With the new integrated info search.Llet the MP3 Search Pro SE search for further titles to the artist, genre, album, etc., on the Internet. -Checks the Audio CD on the Internet, so you do not need to name the titles by yourself -Searching for existing music material on your hard disk -Saving the search results as a Web page (HTML). Therefore they are always handy for you. File conversion----------------Conversion of Audio CD into WMA format. The same music quality, but smaller files, as MP3.Conversion from WMA into WAV and reverse. (*In order to use the WMA format, you need the Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 7. x. You can find the latest version here: Windows Media Encoder) -Conversion of Audio CD into MP3 format.(*optional with an external MP3 Encoder) -Conversion from WAV files into MP3 files (*optional with an external MP3 Encoder) -Conversion from MP3 files into WMA files (* needs. Windows Media Encoder 7.x) -Conversion from MP3 files into WAV files (*need DirectShow Codecs and Windows Media Player V7) -Integrierter TAG-Editor Create your own CD -Direct Audio CD burning from MP3,WAV,WMA Files-CD cover printing Integrated music and video file player ---------------------------------------Create your own playlist -Importing the WinAmp playlists. -4 different Player modus. -Playlist shuffle play

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