Mimic Audition 2

Mimic Audition 2 is a Professional CD+G Disc and File Media Player. Extract, Playback and Organize all your Karaoke Media.




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Description of Mimic Audition 2:

Mimic Audition 2 is an advanced Karaoke Hosting tool that includes a Player with direct CD+G disc playback, Speed and Pitch control and Sound Equalizer. It has a powerful Database with Internet connectivity and Songbook Printing. It has Media Ripping and Conversion, Performance Recording, Advanced Playlist with Visual Playlist Selector, Next-Singer display, Sound-FX playback, Album Cover Display, and much more.

Mimic Audition 2 supports all common Karaoke formats such as CD+G Karaoke, VCD Karaoke, Midi, DVD, and CD Audio. You can also play the latest karaoke with Tyrannosoft created formats such as MP3+G, WMA+G, KMF (Karaoke Media File), and KSF (Karaoke Sync File). Plus, Mimic will play almost all other common computer media formats such as AVI, WAV, AU, SND, WMA, WMV and others.

Mimic Audition 2 can rip (extract) and convert your CD+G discs for storage on your hard drive in one easy step. You can then play those files directly from the computer without needing the original disc. Keep your expensive and often irreplaceable originals safe!
System Requirements:
- Windows XP (Other Windows
  may work but not supported)
- Pentium 3 (P4 recommended)
- 128MB RAM (256 recommended)
- Dual Monitor highly recommended
- 800x600 or higher desktop,
  24bpp (16 million) colours
- MS Media Player 6.4 or higher
- Internet Explorer 4 or higher
- MDAC 2.6 or higher
- DirectX 7 or higher
- 30MB hard drive space

Optional Requirements:

For Playing/Ripping CD+G discs:
- CD+G compatible CD-ROM (for Direct
  CD+G Playback)
- ASPI Driver (required for Win2K/XP)
- MP3 encoder DLL (Lame or Blade)

For Playing DVD discs:
- DVD drive
- DirectX DVD Software Interface

Supported Formats:
- Discs: CD+G, VCD, DVD
- Karaoke: KMF, MP3+G, WMA+G
- MPEG Audio: MP2, MP3, MPA
- Windows Media: WMA
- Audio: WAV, SND, AU
- Midi: MID, RMI (audio only)
- Video: AVI, WMV, MOV, QT (version 3)

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