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Description of MainConcept EVE:

MainConcept EVE (Easy Video Editing) is the new software for editing videos on your computer - especially for the novice in video-editing. With EVE, you can easily import your self-made videos to your computer. You can capture analog or digital videos from a camcorder, video recorder or DVD player. The drag-and-drop user interface is easy to handle. You can alternatively work in Storyboard mode or - if you are already an advanced user of EVE - edit videos on the Timeline. It is possible to switch back and forth between these modes any time. You can reach all common operations with a single mouse-click.With the unique trimmer function you can cut starting and ending sequences of your individual clips, thus comfortable and fast video-editing is possible. Numerous transitions, effects and filters confer your self-made videos a professional character. Of course, the time saving features Smart Rendering, Background Rendering and Fast Rendering are included in EVE. Furthermore, the integrated high-quality software codecs for DV and MPEG format offer results in excellent quality. Finally, the finished video film can be exported in your preferred format. With MainConcept EVE producing Video CDs, Super Video CDs and even DVDs is an easy task.

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