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MP3, Karaoke(MP3+CDG) and Videoplayer, that supports two monitors.




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Description of Laura Music:

Laura is not only a mp3 player. You could also play professional karaoke tracks (MP3+CDG), videokaraokefiles or normal musicvideos (.mpg, .avi) via a playlist.After defining the search paths Laura will build up a database of all available songs. This makes it possible to search/sort and select songs within seconds (also with large databases of thousands of mp3/karaoke-songs).Supports two monitors, or monitor + TV-out (Advertising via Pictures, pps/ptt-files while playing music), multiple soundscards. Autovolume is possible with soundscards that support the MCI-Peakmeter (e.g. Soundblaster 1024Live).Already used in professional karaoke bars in vienna.More info under

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