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Description of IR-3003:

About IR-Standard and IR-3003

IR-Standard and IR-3003 is a device which enables you to have absolute control over your computer by using a special program and any remote control you have at home.

On tuning the software, which is very easy and lasts for only a couple of minutes, your computer will make your every wish come true. With this piece of hardware, your computer will become something it has never been before, A REAL MULTIMEDIA CENTER.

Listening to music will become easier and more comfortable than ever because you don't have to stand up only to change or fast forward the song playing in WinAmp any more. Watching the movies will become the real pleasure because you will have the feeling that you are in front of your TV, with remote control in your hand and not in front of the computer. You will speed up  starting your programs by even 100%, because it is reduced to only one click on your remote control the way in which you avoid both accumulating icons on your desktop as well as regular routine:

Start -> Programs > Program folder->program.exe.

And when you decide to shut down the computer you only have to click the red button on the remote control and the computer will shut down on its own.

There are also many other commands such as controlling the mouse, keyboard, system etc... In any case, everything else is up to your imagination. The device is adapted to all types of remote controllers so you don't have to buy another one but you can use the same remote controller you use for your TV, DVD player, VCR or your music centre. It is compatible with all windows applications and programs and all OS are supported - win95, win98, win Me, winXp, win 2000, Linux...

There is one thing for sure, that you will buy the piece of hardware for your computer that will never get old and lose its use and material value.

With IR-Standard and IR-3003 it is 100% certain that your computer will become something really different from before.

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