FERRO Digital Video

The program for recording(must have TV Card) or playback of any media files.


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Windows All Versions

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Description of FERRO Digital Video:

The FERRO - Digital Video is designed for capturing video and audio data and for playback multimedia files. Thanks to Direct-X libraries used to render video streams the higest possibble video playback smoothness has been achieved.

The smoothness is much more reliable than other plugin-players for Windows Media Players. Smooth screen zoomings allow to more precise watching of small, sometimes even invisible details when watched in normal-screen playback.

The program allows movie watching with subtitles, which are before showing on the screen filtered (antialiased). This makes very unique effect almost identical to this watched in the cinema. Ferro has such mechanisms that automatically change the length of particular movie dialogues to make sure each and every subtitle is read.

Having TV CARD or other capturing device (VIDEO CARD od USB CAMERA) You can write audio - video data to hard disk. The program supports almost 90 popular TV Tuners. It supports older 16-bit Video drivers for Windows as well as fast, 32-bit WDM versions.

Very important option is broadcast scheduler, thanks to whom we are able to schedule similar to traditional Videorecorder automatic recording of chosen broadcast. Cooperation with TV Program application by RAKS allows adding new positions to scheduler with just one-click of a mouse without manual settings of such things like time of a broadcast start, length or name of it.

Right now it is possible as well to record radio broadcasts with mp3 or DivX audio compression.

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