CS1x-Edit is the first program for Windows to administer the Yamaha CS1x




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Description of CS1x-Edit:

CS1x-Edit is the first program for Windows to administer the Yamaha CS1x Control Synthesizer through your PC. Generally it is a solution for 3 main tasks: 1. Edit your own Performances with the "Performance Editor". An easy-to-use interface provides access to every parameter of a performance. You have all parameters at one glance and the changes you make are instantly audible.
The "Utility" allows to set the system-parameters of the CS1x. Set up the controller assignments the+midi+channels etc.. Manage the "preset" and "user" bank+of performances in the main window The "Control+Panel". In every window you have the possibility to load and save the respective data as a System-Exclusive *.syx or as a midi *.mid file. Moreover CS1x-Edit offers high flexibility regarding sending and receiving the data to and from the CS1x via MIDI.
Additional Features are
- "Mouse Keyboard" With your mouse you can play notes to listen to your current performance. This is especially useful if your synth is not on your desk. Also the "hold" function lets you easily browse through the material voices while creating a new performance.
- Automatic recognition of the device number. Additional support for multiple CS1x .
- Realtime+controls like the knobs scene switches etc. are fully accessible within the "Control Panel" and reposition themselves automatically if evoked from the synth.

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