ArcSoft 3D Text Factory

The perfect way to easily add dynamic text to your video, Web site, screen presentation, photograph, or print project




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Description of ArcSoft 3D Text Factory:

ArcSoft 3D Text Factory? gives you the power to create dynamic, 3D titles. It is suitable for both titling still photos and movie making, full of lighting and shadow control settings, and able to create ?exploding? video titles ? just like you see on TV.

3D Text Factory is a powerful, easy-to-use utility, which comes with both a stand-alone application and a plug-in for the Adobe PhotoShop format, enabling you to create high-quality still and motion 3D titles for the Web, video, screen presentation, and print.

Suitable for business and professional use, it?s also just the thing for beginners at home trying to make a perfect title page for an album. Able to create the exciting titles you see on television and at the movies, 3D Text Factory brings power and fun to all.

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