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Zd3 document imaging and management delivers a powerful solution to decision-makers who do not have the staff or the resources to manage expensive and slow software packages.Zd3 was built on years of experience. Busy professionals like lawyers and doctors need fast access to their documents but they don¡¯t have the time to learn complex software packages. Zd3 has the perfect balance of ease of use and powerful functionality that makes it a perfect choice for most professionals and decision-makers.Zd3 stores all documents in digital format making search and retrieval of any document as easy as few mouse clicks. Once you find the document you are looking for, you can manipulate it using the tools you are most familiar with. You don't have to learn new tricks to fax a document or attach it to an e-mail.Zd3 web solution is the easiest and most secure solution to access your documents over the Internet. Access your documents on the road, from home or while flying to meet a client. Your documents are never farther than few clicks. All you need is a web browser and a connection to the Internet.Zd3 uses industry standard SQL servers to store, search, and retrieve documents. Zd3 provides a solution that makes sense and makes use of any investment you already made. Zd3 supports all major SQL servers like MS SQL, MS MSDE, Oracle, Sybase, and MySQL.Technical savvy users and value added resellers will find our SDK an excellent tool to add functionality to Zd3. You can also use the SDK to connect Zd3 to existing databases. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with the SDK.

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