Tag&Rename - easy-to-use mp3 ID3v2 tags organizer with CDDB support.




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Description of Tag&Rename:

Tag&Rename is a powerful, easy-to-use program for organizing and archiving your library of music files. It's solid design handles both the .mp3 and .vqf music formats. With Tag&Rename, you can quickly and easily rename your music while also editing the embedded tag data used by popular music players - both ID3 and ID3 v2 formats. Tag&Rename makes it easy to edit existing tag information, update for new tagging standards, or write tags for music files which had no previously embedded tags (e.g. bootlegs). Tag&Rename simplifies the boring and time-consuming task of updating tag information for your music by allowing you to quickly get information from the 'CDDB' database or other sites. It can also write or edit tag information based on your music libraries file structure (e.g. artist/album/title.mp3). Often many files can be processed with a few clicks using Tag&Rename's built-in automated features.

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