PrintmiX 1.2 - OS X

Select, arrange and print several different photographs on a single page.


1.2 OS X


$35.1 (USD)


Macintosh, MAC X

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Description of PrintmiX 1.2 - OS X:

Microspot PrintmiX, the perfect companion to iPhoto™, allows you to select, arrange and print several different photographs on one page.

Various templates make it ideal for amateur or professional photographers to create a variety of new layouts quickly and easily.

New features have been added to Microspot PrintmiX 1.2 to create even more ways to arrange and present photographs and other types of images.

Drag and drop images directly from iPhoto™ or other files into portrait or landscape panes together on a single layout page. After placing the images into the various panes on the layout template, the view of each image can then be enlarged and repositioned it within the pane. There are also several new frame designs to customise photographs. Once the layout has been completed, the selection can be printed on a single sheet of paper.

Microspot PrintmiX 1.2 saves you time as well as money by keeping costly photographic paper waste down to a minimum.

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