PhotoXtra 2.3 - OS X

Store and organise an unlimited amount of digital images, sounds or movies.




$53.1 (USD)


Macintosh, MAC X

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Description of PhotoXtra 2.3 - OS X:

Microspot PhotoXtra makes it easy to collect, store, organise and share your files and data, including media gathered from the web, CD-ROMs, servers and other sources. Create unlimited catalogues and use them to hold files and data of any type. Microspot PhotoXtra and Media Assistant even let you store web links (URLs) with or without attached images, and attach URLs to other files. A catalogue can display a preview of many different image files. Using the viewer palette, you can play movie and movie sound files. Once you have collected your data, you can easily find and organise the catalogue contents with powerful search and sort capabilities.

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