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ImageArchivist 3.01 adds a lot of functionality to your Imagearchivist.




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Description of ImageArchivist 3.01 - UPDATE:

New features:
overworked the whole programm for more stability and speed.; selection of 1 or more images of a catalog with 'SHIFT' and 'CTRL' keys; right click context menu in the catalog window where you now can:copy or move the selected images to another catalog or delete them.; print or export the seleted images.; open with: opens an application (ig. Photoshop) and loads the selected images ; image description templates:for more flexibility templates are now saved and loaded as single files.(that way you can build a hierarchic template structure with subfolders); template editor/browser to to load, edit, save and view your templates.; applying templates to selected images: you now have the choice of replacing all fields, only empty fields, only fields that have content, or just one field (which you can specify).; Additionally you have a mask where you can set 'replace, don't replace, only if empty, add' for each field indivdually.; Catalog window and ImageBrowser are now switchable between thumbnail and list view. In list view you just see a list with filename, size, dimension and headline of the images (makes browsing/selecting very fast). The state (list view or thumbnails) is saved and will be restored when you open that catalog again.; search: you can now search for filenames too.; Photoshop/Imageready 7 compability.; improved HTML export: either export your catalog with one of the given templates (to create a CD with your pictures or to upload your picture catalog to you website) or you can use your own Templates. How to Use your own emplates and their keywords is now documented in the help.label printing: configuration which content (fields) is printed for both small and large labels.lots of bugfixes and missing translations.

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