Image Eye

A 'lean and mean' image viewer




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Description of Image Eye:

- The only image viewer you should need for browsing images.
- Very fast; See if you can find any faster image viewer!
- Optimized display in all video modes - no compromises in image quality.
- No frills user interface.
- No scroll bars or window menus taking up precious space.
- Supports most common image file formats: BBM, BMP, CUR, DIB, FIF, GIF, ICO, IFF, JIF, JPG, LBM, MAC, NEO, PBM, PCX, PGM, PIC, PNG, PPM, RAS, RLE, SUN, TGA, TIF.
- Full screen display when the window is maximized.
- Adapts to 'on-the-fly' video mode changes (use with Microsoft's 'QuickRes' utility).
- Index feature with fast image thumbnail creation (no need to cache them on disk).
- Does not attempt to be any half-baked semi-editor or file format converter.
- Takes up very little space (if you'd put it on a floppy disk you'd still have lots of space left for images!).
- Includes a simple slide show scripting language; roll your own presentations!

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