Craftor RadioPC 2001

Craftor RadioPC 2001




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Description of Craftor RadioPC 2001:

RadioPC automates the transmission of songs, slogans, commercials, effects and all the audios of your radio station in an intelligent way. With the help of wizards you can define the style and the programming of you radio station.RadioPC doesn't depend of playlists to work, RadioPC chooses songs automatically by an umlimited period of time, but respecting the established parameters by the operator of the radio station. RadioPC has been proven in several radio stations around the world which has allowed to store information necessary to satisfy the necessity of the present broadcasting. RadioPC adapts to your form to work. RadioPC works automatically, allows the intervention of the operator, and make live programmes... doesn't matter your form to work, nor the style of you radio station; RadioPC 2001 doesn't help you, RadioPC does everything!!!

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