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ArcSoft PhotoBase - Total multimedia management for fast file identification and image sorting, editing, printing and presenting.




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Description of ArcSoft PhotoBase:

ArcSoft PhotoBase offers the power and intuitiveness to serve as your single multimedia management and presentation-making application.
Full file previewing lets you quickly locate and identify what you need, while conventional ArcSoft album functionality gives you the freedom to create custom multimedia collections from files located anywhere on your system or removable media.
File organizing
Thumbnail albums group files stored in any directory on your system, including removable media such as floppy disks and CDs. This means you can categorize your multimedia files within the program without having them stored in the same directory. You can even preview contents on a CD without having the CD inserted!

Multimedia presenting
Create Slide Shows, complete with audio. Play audio clips attached to specific files or use multiple audio tracks that play over the entire presentation. Web Albums are perfect for creating thumbnail-based HTML pages that make perfect contact sheets. Video Postcards incorporate video and still imaging for practical, spirited ?eCards.? Presentations can be created directly to CD with compatible hardware and burning software.

Comprehensive editing and printing
The PhotoBase editor offers a wide range of editing and enhancing options for your images. Reduce red-eye, crop out unwanted areas, resize to specific pixel values and add text. Brightness, contrast and color saturation sliders let you enhance overall image quality. Browser buttons let you quickly move from image to image without having to ?open? one file after another.

System Requirements (Windows):
? Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
? Pentium II-based PC or equivalent
? 100 MB free hard disk space
? 64 MB RAM
? 16-bit color display at 800 x 600

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