A-Media Scanner

A-Media Scanner collects metadata (snapshots; codecs; video framerate, bitrate, size; audio bitrate, samplerate; Id3 tag info; etc) about media files



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Description of A-Media Scanner:

A-Media Scanner gathers properties of multimedia files during directory scanning. It gathers information such as duration, media types, codecs, video properties (size, framerate, bitrate, etc.), audio properties (bitrate, sampling rate, etc), content information (id3 tag, WMF ContentInfo, etc). It also can automatically extracts sets of snapshots from video files. Meta data is saved in XML formatted file. The program can apply one or more XSL transformations which allow generating other XML-based documents (ASX, SMIL, etc.) or HTML pages. As a result, gathered information could be represented, for example, as a set of interrelated HTML pages or ASX playlists. Supported formats: AVI (DivX, MS Mpeg4, H.263, Intel Indeo, etc), WAV, MPEG, mp3, ASF, WMV, WMA, Ogg, QuickTime.

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