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Spectralitroniscope : The Super-Collider, is A Real-Time Total Integration Digital Video Production Visualization Synthesizer & Audio Effects Processor with Special Graphic FX, Overlay Genlocks, Photo Slideshows, Multi-Channel Pattern Mixer & Preset Saving. Thousands of Functions, Millions of Effects and Zillions of Patterns. Skin Loading, Audio, Video & Photo Playlist Modules and Saving All Synthesizer Mixing to JPG, BMP or AVI. 22 Band Equaliser & Audio Effects: Flanger, Reverb,Delay,Distortion,Chorus,Gargle,Echo etc all run in Real-Time & Preset Settings Saving. Video Capture allows Television, DVD, VHS, Cameras, Game Consoles and other Computers to be Processed into the Synthesizer in Real-Time with Effects: Plasma, Blur, Solorise, Mosaic, Rotations, Super Wave Warp Morphology, All Sorts of Color Filtering, Phasing, Guaging, Distortions, Multi-Channel Patterns Etc Etc, Much More. Far too many Trick Functions and Special Effects that can be Described in this report. Watch your Favorite Video or Photos etc in literally Millions of Different Ways. Play your Favorite Console Game through the Synthesizer and output to a Big Screen Television with Millions of Different Filters for so many incredible New Ways to Experience Gaming [Really Sensational]. Create your own Pattern Presets from a New Innovative Synthesizer Look Interface which enables virtually Everything to Mix for Total Integration and therefore a Quantum Figure of Results. Genlocks allow Patterns, Photos, AVI's, Games, TV, DVD, VHS etc etc to Mix Together. A Wide Variety of Fine Tuning Controls allow for Strong Diversification. This New Exciting Application is Definitely a Trend-Setter with a completely new range of Kaleidescopes, Hypnotics, Psychedelics, Spirographics, Snazzers, Stars Galore and lots of New Functions that have not up till now been available to the home PC World. An Instructive & Informative Help File goes with the Program & Good Services are available at the Website. Please Visit.

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