OptimiData-JPEG2000-SDK - Commercial License (Win)

Software development toolkit (SDK) for conversion of image data into the new JPEG2000 file format (*.jp2) for image compression




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Description of OptimiData-JPEG2000-SDK - Commercial License (Win):

"OptimiData-JPEG2000-SDK" is a low-cost, easy to install and simple to use featured software toolkit for JPEG2000 (JP2) developers. It allows conversion of standard images (e.g. *.bmp, *.jpg) into the new worldwide standard image file format JPEG2000 (*.jp2). The new standard implementation provides smaller file sizes while maintaining high image quality compared to the existing JPEG standard. OptimiData-JPEG2000-SDK allows lossless compression (no quality loss) as well as high compressions ratios up to 100:1 and above.Software delivery includs static and dynamic library, Command Line Tool (CLT) with sample code (for Windows), Graphical User Interface and a comprehensive user manual.Purchase of OptimiData¡äs software includes one year free update!

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