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The feature rich gallery builder for the photographers and webmasters who likes to create the online and CD galleries of images.




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Description of HTML PhotoGallery PRO:

This program is a feature rich gallery builder for professional, "weekend" photographers and webmasters who like to create perfect online and CD galleries of their favourite images. HTML PhotoGallery PRO is a highly customizable application because it uses "native" HTML/DHTML templates and is based on the simple idea that the gallery page is always a table of thumbnails. You can create your gallery templates and themes based on your own pages and use the included themes.Program execution results in a ready-to-upload folder with gallery thumbnails, pages, batch-generated scripts, copies of image files and other files customized by user. The gallery thumbnails may be overlaid with the user-defined 24bit bitmap to get an "image swap" effect when a visitor moves his mouse over your thumbnails.Many site visitors have no idea what to do with your photos beyond "simple" viewing and (sometimes) printing. HTML PhotoGallery PRO offers another more interesting way for you and your visitors: it generates special downloadable graphics, which can be installed into the completely FREE screensaver programsfrom the downloadable list. Visitors will be happy to return everyday to your gallery for a new screen saver and wallpaper images, just remember to watermark your photos with your address!

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